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vegetables and plants with the words 10 easy veggies to plant with kids in them
Ten Easy Veggies to Grow with Kids
The easiest veggies to grow with kids. Perfect list if you want to start a vegetable garden at home!
someone holding up a potted plant in their hand with text overlay reading gardening activities for kids tips for planting seeds
Gardening Activities for Kids - How Wee Learn
Gardening activities for kids! Tips and tricks for gardening with preschoolers and toddlers.
seed experiment 5 what liquids help seeds to grow?
Seed experiment #5: What liquids help seeds grow?
Teach kids about the needs of seeds with this seed experiment that answers the question: "What liquids help seeds to grow?" Part 5 in a series of seed experiments from Gift of Curiosity
kids are playing with plants and dirt in the window sill
How to Plant Seeds with Kids
Planting seeds is our favorite kids gardening activity. After planting the seeds, children learn the importance of taking care of them while observing their growth. A highlight during the spring gardening theme! #gardening #spring #preschool #nature #science #classroom #AGE3 #AGE4
growing food with kids beans, carrots, and cressi's seeds
Growing Food with Kids: Carrots, Cress & Beans
Growing food with kids - how to grow cress, runner beans and baby carrots - fun and easy gardening project for kids to grow their own food
a person pouring water into a plastic bottle
Kids Watering Cans from Plastic Bottles
Kara's Creative Place: Kids Watering Cans from Plastic Bottles
flower market dramatic play for toddlers with free printables
Flower Market Dramatic Play for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Spring is the perfect time to add a flower market to your toddler and preschool dramatic play area! I've included some free printables to go along with the fun, adding some extra literacy and fine motor into the activity. #toddlers #preschool #dramaticplay #pretendplay #teachers #earlychildhood #classroom #AGE2 #AGE3 #flowers #printable #spring #teaching2and3yearolds
spinach growing in a pot with the words how to grow spinach in a pot
How To Grow Spinach In Your Garden
If you’re short on garden space but committed to eating a healthy, balanced diet and would like to take part in growing your own produce, container gardening is the answer. Almost anything that gro…
different types of vegetables in pots with the words 5 best container vegetables for beginning gardeners
5 Best Container Vegetables for Beginning Gardeners
Is it your first year gardening? All you have is a tiny patio? No worries! Here are my 5 favorite container vegetables for beginning gardeners, plus container gardening tips and tricks for a great harvest.:
the worst gardening mistakes and how to avoid them
The 10 Worst Gardening Mistakes You Can Make
If your a beginner in the gardening world, check out these 10 worst gardening mistakes and how to avoid them.
the cover of 12 ways to use wood ash in the home and garden, with text overlay
12 Ways To Use Wood Ash In The Home and Garden
12 uses for wood ash in the garden and the home, help balance soil pH, deter slugs and snails, provide calcium for veggies, fertilize lawn [LEARN MORE]