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Are you certain that yours is the correct religion and not really a product of where you were born?

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"Science is the key to our future, and if you don't believe in science then you're holding everbody back." Bill Nye the Science Guy

Religion is Anti-Me

But this should say I'm anti-Neo-Christian, not "religion". I don't personally consider myself religious but I am spiritual.

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the conclusion that there is in no way sufficient credible demonstrable evidence to conclude there are gods of any sort, past or present. Thus, there is no rational reason to bother with claims of gods, their associated religions or fans.

I would think American women would be scared to death right now. Is this how you want to be treated?

Moslems have stated to me that SLAVERY (including SEX SLAVERY) is part of the Islam and permitted. "That they (the slaves) have food, a place to sleep and work and are therefore "Lucky".

That's not equality

Alfonzo Rachel - "if a brown person can boast brown pride, but a white person can't boast white pride, then that's not equality." Its true .

Off a hate board, that pinner has boards devoted to Jesus(pbuh)/Christianity: how to live like an Islamic woman. *** Bear false witness much? Acid attacks, stoning, ill treatment, FGM, beatings, and suicide can be found in other faiths, including Christianity. Research! None of the above is Sharia law, nor Islamic. As for suicide bombing: Who perfected suicide bombers, pioneered women in suicide attacks? Hint: It's not Muslims! It's Tamil Tigers [Hindu]…

“I once wrote an article for this magazine where I explained how to beat your child bride properly”

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Islam and the Divine Deception. I'm British, so please forgive my semi-informed statement: I'm sure some of the boxes below Christianity should say "yes" if the Republican party had its own way?