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two hands holding each other with rings on them
Mara Hoffman, Pamela Love, and More Team With Bona Drag For Bridal Collection
a woman's foot with the words the end law tattooed on it
the 2nd law. #tattoo #tattoos #ink
the back of a woman's body with a small star tattoo on her stomach
Simple, beautiful. #Constellation #tattoo
a woman with her head in the clouds looking down at something flying above her face
tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.
a small intricate crown tattoo placed here -- I realllllly love this because I'm a princess :) Husband Name Tattoos For Women Chest, Husband Name Tattoos, Small Crown Tattoo, Husband Tattoo, Hipster Tattoo, Small Tattoo Placement, Crown Tattoo, Dainty Tattoos, Custom Tattoo Design
a small intricate crown tattoo placed here -- I realllllly love this because I'm a princess :)
a person's arm with a small tattoo on the wrist that has a world map drawn on it
Africa. Could be quite nice as a small tattoo anywhere on the body.
a woman with no shirt on has her back turned to the camera
I want this so I can tell my friends/fam that like the north star, I'll always help them find the way home. I'm corny. It's fine (alyssa actually said this lol)
a woman's lower back tattoo with the word faith written in cursive writing
a woman's chest with a tattoo saying, always be in the wrong place
C'est toi pour moi Moi pour toi dans la vie
"this too shall pass" Proverb indicating that all material conditions, positive or negative, are temporary.
a woman's foot with a small skull tattoo on her left ankle and heel
Tattoo Hottie, Author at buzznet
The best tiny mini small tattoos!
the back of a woman's neck with a small tattoo on her left side
The best tiny mini small tattoos photo Keltie Knight's photos
a collage of different images with one woman's face and hands
tiny tattoos.
Small tattoo place­ment ideas -- i do want a few small ones so this is helpful- finallyyyy
a person with a tattoo on their foot that says, i am fearless written in cursive writing
Monoshop, der Schweizer Shop für Monokultur
Like the font and interesting choice of placement.
a woman with two small tattoos on her arms and one is holding her head in front of her face
Small. Triangles. Tattoo. A triangle is the mathematical symbol for ‘change’ - also known as the Greek symbol ‘delta’. After ending a long and tumultuous relationship I wanted to get something simple to represent the positive changes in my life.