Penny Bun (Boletus edulis) ~ By César Llaneza Rodriguez

46 Magical Wild Mushrooms You Won't Believe Are Real ...

The Penny Bun mushroom represents the wild mushroom par excellence. It was given the appropriate nickname 'Penny Bun' because of it's well-baked colour and round shape. Whole caps are excellent grilled!

Jean Cazals - Inspiring Food Photography

Jean Cazals was awarded Best Food Photographer 2012 as well as other numerous awards.


Cool crisp days, wicker baskets, cozy sweaters and coats . and wild mushrooms. Look at those beautiful large mushrooms.

Get ready for more mushrooms than you can imagine at the annual Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square, the Mushroom Capital of the World!

Boletus Edulis (porcino).- -BASILICATA:Pollino National Parck: i funghi del Pollino- I nomi sono tratti dal testo "I funghi dal vero" vol.I di B.Cetto

Watch out for mushrooms! Like deathberries cats can die if certain mushrooms are devoured. Its best to avoid all mushrooms.

Yellow chanterelles in Nässjö, Sweden. These are easy to find in the woods from the summer months until end of summer around september/october.



Фотографии Домашний очаг - рецепты, идеи для дома, семья.

Фотографии Домашний очаг - рецепты, идеи для дома, семья.