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Benjamin Granfors

Benjamin Granfors
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10 awesome ways to use a USB flash drive Find out how versatile your thumbdrive is with these 10 little-known uses and tricks.

The proper way to remove USB devices in Windows is to use the Safe Removal option, but it can be a pain. If you have the quick removal policy set for your USB device, you can safely remove it without using Safe Removal.

Cheap DIY SD card breadboard socket. If the SD card is a mini or micro ADAPTER... Even better!

Do you have a project that needs an interface to mass storage, but don't have the resources to build a breakout board for a standard socket? In this Instructable,.

How to control Stunning RGB LED Strip using Arduino Nano

In this project, I am going to to make a LED Scroll Bar as the above picture showed. Ten LED strips can flash in different effects by using an Arduino board.