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abstract art

Cloud, 2018,  50.60.1cm,  300eur

Cloud, 2018, 50.60.1cm, 300eur

Other Pins

Candy World (artwork for sale, offer your price)

Veera Zukova”Candy world”50*60cmAcryl, gouache, flat canvasYear 2018

Princess, 2018, acryl on canvas, 220e, 50.60.1cm

abstract art, very colorful and bold, home decoration, suitable for colorful or very calm interior.

Yellow moon, 2018, 50.60.1cm, 170eur


Tref (on

Veera Zukova”Plate”50*60cmAcrylic, spray, flat canvasYear 2018

Submarine (artwork for sale, offer your price)

Veera Zukova”Submarine”50*60cmAcryl, gouache, canvasYear 2018

Strawberry (sold to Germany)

Veera Zukova”Strawberry”50*60 cmAcryl, flat canvasYear 2018

Soleil (artwork for sale, offer your price)

Veera Zukova”Soleil”50*60cmAcryl, gouache, flat canvasYear 2018

Red wheel (artwork for sale, offer your price)

Veera Zukova”Red wheel”50*60cmAcryl, gouache, canvasYear 2018

Butterfly (sold)

Veera Zukova”Butterfly”50*60cmAcryl, gouache, canvasYear 2018

Mush, 2018, 60.50.1cm, 40eur


Guava (not available)


Futura (sold)


EYE, 2018, 60.50.1cm not for sale


Donuts (artwork for sale, offer your price)

Veera Zukova”Donuts”50*60cmAcryl, gouache, flat canvasYear 2018

Cosmic (sold)

Veera Zukova”Cosmic 1”50*60cmAcryl, gouache, flat canvasYear 2018

Coralli, (went as a gift)

Painting,Fine Arts,Acrylic,Canvas