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the soccer ball is in different colors and sizes
two girls are playing basketball with each other in front of a brick wall and the words,
Draivia Kouluun
Draivia Kouluun
Jogo de Equilíbrio!
Pessoal, olha essa jogo de equilíbrio que também estimula a percepção visual e coordenação motora fina🤩 Achei super legal! ⚠GOSTOU DESTE CONTEÚDO? CURTE, COMENTA E COMPARTILHA COM MAIS PESSOAS! SEGUE NOSSOS PERFIS: 🎶@universoeducacional 📸 @universo.educacao.infantil Pinterest @universoeducacionalinfantil Professora quer ter acesso à planejamentos anuais editáveis em Word de acordo com os códigos da BNCC? Temos planejamentos do berçário ao 9º ano!🎯 Veja o link da Bio📣💥
the sidewalk has been painted with chalk and numbers on it, as if they were cubes
Learn how to update your hopscotch game! | Playground painting, Fun chalk art, Outdoor fun for kids
a poster with the words conversation starter for kids on it and polka dots around it
Pin on For/About My Children/Grandchildren & Yours
the chicago bulls logo made out of pixels
90s Pixel Patterns for Fuse Beads - Chicago Bulls
an image of a key chain that is made to look like a pixelo character
DIY summer activity c'est l'été