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Hanging by Susanne Hare Thin pieces of tin, aluminum, brass, in various pale colours, but the overall effect is light silver. Each rod is handmade.

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Have the coziest Christmas ever with these DIY Hygge Christmas decoration ideas!

You hear that? That’s the sound of festivity nigh at hand. And I, for one, am ready to get to decking my halls. But rather than going the traditional route, I’m hankering for a more modern take on holiday decor.

The Orbit Mini Mobile

These gorgeous Himmeli by Hemleva are an elegant year-round addition to any home or office. These geometric Himmeli ornaments can be suspended from the ceiling to float in the breeze, utilized as a ca

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Heart Strings Vintage Black Beauty Paper by MaisyandAlice. Vintage book pages or sheet music

DIY wood bead chandelier


In Finland these fragile straw mobiles are called 'Himmeli' or 'Olkihimmeli,' & in Sweden 'Oro'/'halmkronorna'. Many other regions throughout Northern & Central Europe also have their version of the himmeli. They range from a simple straw design to an elaborate array of geometric shapes adorned with feathers, paper flowers, & sometimes candles. Traditionally hung above the dinner table to ensure that next year's rye crop would be plentiful, today they are often used as Christmas decor.

In Finland these fragile straw mobiles are called 'Himmeli' or 'Olkihimmeli,'…