Little Fox

"Come to me little fox, I will share the wonder of the world through your eyes!"
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a close up of a small animal with it's head turned to the side
the back end of a dog's legs in tall grass
a small fox is sitting in the grass
And Other Animals
two little foxes are sitting on the ground and touching each other's noses with their paws
We wouldn't hurt a fly!
a small animal sitting on top of a tree branch in a forest next to pine trees
The Beauty of Wildlife
a painting of a fox resting in the woods
Archived Works - Joni Johnson-Godsy Wildlife Art Oil Paintings and Sculptures
a baby fox is sitting in the woods
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
two foxes are playing with each other on the ground
Fox by Ivan Godál / 500px
two small foxes are playing with each other in the grass, and one is rubbing its face against another's ear