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Best of Food and Cooking TikToks

We've done the heavy lifting, here are the best and most helpful TikToks from around the globe as it relates to all things food and cooking.
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I'll just eat canned goods. Gordon Ramsay vs. TikTokers: Flat Iron Steak TikTok by @gordonramsayofficial with @jimmystewart59.
That's a hard one. Gordon Ramsay vs. TikTokers: Dog's Dinner @gordonramsayofficial with @chefsanddogs.
Check how Gordon roast the naked chef! Gordon Ramsay vs. TikTokers: Feta Pasta TikTok by @gordonramsayofficial with @itsqcp!

Gordon Ramsay vs. TikTokers

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Want an easy and quick to cook snack? This one is perfect for you! Quick and Easy Churros Food TikTok by @chefchrischo!
Craving for that Katsu from K-Drama? Check this Korean Chicken Katsu Food TikTok by @franziee_v
This one is perfect for lunch today! Honey Chicken Fried Rice Food TikTok by @franziee_v.

Main Course Recipes

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If you're craving for seafood with carbs, this recipe is perfect for you! Easy Seafood Boil Pasta Food TikTok by @twaydabae!
Do you that you can make a chicken alfredo flavored pizza? Chicken Alfredo Pizza Food TikTok by @ lowcarbstateofmind.
Taste like college, right? Easy Pizza Sticks Food TikTok by @ cookingwithlynja! Okay, I know that sounds wrong!

Pasta, Pizza and Italian

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Now that a Korean Carbonara! Kimchi Carbonara Food TikTok by @chefchrischo.
Who will say no to a Classic Carbonara? Classic Carbonara Food TikTok by @the_pastaqueen.
Yum! This is perfect while watching a movie! Crispy Potatoes Food TikTok by @ franziee_v

Entrees and Appetizers

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Here's a tutorial on making a Soju Bomb! Soju Bomb TikTok by @chefchrischo!
FOOD TikTok Watch this Easy Brazilian Cocktail Recipe Food TikTok by @honeybobabear #food #foodblogger #foodphotography #foodvideo #foodtiktok #foodrecipe #foodrecipes #foodporn #foodgasm #easyrecipes #easyfood #easyfoodrecipes #fastfood #fasteasycooking #easytocook #fastcook #breakfast #lunch #dinner #snacks #healthyfood #healthyliving #healthyfoodrecipe #healthyfoodrecipes
Do you want to make popular drinks made by bartenders? Watch this Easy Tequila Sunset Recipe Food TikTok by @hangreen_22 and start making this at home #food #drinks #tequila #bartending

Adult Beverages

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Craving for some nuggets? Let's add some culture on it! Asian Sweet Style Nuggets Food TikTok by @eliskitchenph!
Ohh! This is literally perfect for an afternoon snack! Easy Cinnamon Waffles Food TikTok by @cookingwithlynja!
I wonder what is taste like? Hmm. Bell Pepper Sandwich Food TikTok by @lowcarbstateofmind!

Breakfast and Brunching

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Ohhh! Now I want a vegan steak for dinner! Gordon Ramsay Vegan Steak Food TikTok by @ gordonramsayofficial.
Craving for the Pork Ribs? You better check this Baby Back Pork Ribs Recipe Food TikTok by @newt, and satisfy your cravings now!
Are you craving for ribs? Want to add some texture on it?! Why not try it to be sticky! Easy Sticky Ribs Food TikTok by @twaydabae!

Meats and Grilling

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Ohh, this is perfect with pancakes! Cereal Milk Drink TikTok by @franziee_v.
Know the differences of the teas! Shaded Teas Food TikTok by @nioteas!
If you're a coffee lover, you will love this TikTok! Caffeine in Roasted Teas Food TikTok by @nioteas!

Smoothies and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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Ohh! Squid! Teriyaki Squid Rings Food TikTok by @franziee_v
Check this Vietnamese Curry Food TikTok by @twaydabae! Satisfy your cravings! I can smell the aroma!
Let's make mochi in Japanese style! Mochi Recipe Food TikTok by @nioteas!

Around the World Foodies

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Here's how you can make a very spicy side dish! Spicy Fish Cake Side Dish Food TikTok by @chefchrischo!
Looking for vegan food? Vegan Dumpling Food TikTok by @twaydabae!
FOOD TikTok Watch this Easy Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Vegan Recipe Food TikTok by @feelgoodfoodie #food #foodblogger #foodphotography #foodvideo #foodtiktok #foodrecipe #foodrecipes #foodporn #foodgasm #easyrecipes #easyfood #easyfoodrecipes #fastfood #fasteasycooking #easytocook #fastcook #breakfast #lunch #dinner #snacks #healthyfood #healthyliving #healthyfoodrecipe #healthyfoodrecipes

Healthy Meals and Snacks

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This is perfect for cold weather! French Onion Soup Food TikTok prepared by @newt!
Check this Easy 5 Minutes Udon Food TikTok by @cupoftj, and satisfy your cravings now!
Did you know making mushroom soup is so easy and healthy? Watch this Easy How To Make Mushroom Soup Recipe Food TikTok by @swanyiiiii and start making your own at home instead of buying canned mushroom soup #food #cooking #soup #mushroomsoup #healthyfood

Sauces and Soups

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Craving for that wings? Here is the recipe, perfect for your cravings! Lemon Pepper Wings Food TikTok by our favourite grandma @cookingwithlynja!
This looks good! Very easy to cook! Air Fried Buffalo Wings TikTok by @cookingwithlynja!
I miss eating this Maggi Goreng! Maggi Goreng Basah Food TikTok by @nureenafqh, I might look at one of these at the supermarket!

Game Day Comfort Foods

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The all-time quarantine favorite! Dalgona Coffee TikTok by @franziee_v.
Ohhh! I would love to try this! Banana Bread Iced Coffee TikTok by @zulaykitchen.
If you feed me pizza we can be friends!🍕 Homemade Pizza Food TikTok by @zulaykitchen.

Cookies and Dessert

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Ohhh! That's lit! Korean Corn Cheese Food TikTok by @chefchrischo!
Ohh! This is perfect for every meal! Easy Whipped Coffee TikTok by our favourite grandma @cookingwithlynja!
Oh!!! I like the first outfit! Outfits perfect with Face Masks on TikTok by @wisdm8.

Cooking Hacks

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