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a living room filled with furniture and bookshelves covered in purple paint on the walls
the kitchen is decorated in bright colors and has an artistic ceiling painting on the cabinets
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an old fashioned kitchen with lots of flowers on the stove top and shelves above it
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a large bed sitting under a stained glass window
Purple Master Bedroom with Stained Glass Wall Designs
A master bedroom focused on purple color has stained glass panels as wall designs. This is an AI artwork made possible using Midjourney.
a bedroom decorated in purple and green with candles
a bedroom with stained glass windows and flowers on the bed
a peacock is standing in the middle of a kitchen with blue cabinets and purple walls
Embrace the bold spirit of maximalism in this peacock-themed kitchen. Rich purples and blues blend with ornate tiles, creating a luxurious tapestry. Exotic plants frame the mountain view, adding a touch of nature's majesty to this vibrant space. 🌄🌺
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to large windows and paintings on the walls
alice in wonderland living room
a woman's hand holding onto a crystal chandelier with words written below it
[ DIY ] MINIATURE CRYSTAL CHANDELIER . LUSTRE EN CRISTAL.ثرية #miniature #yami_light_house.
[ DIY ] MINIATURE CRYSTAL CHANDELIER . LUSTRE EN CRISTAL.ثرية #miniature #yami_light_house. - YouTube
a hand holding a beaded object in it's left hand, with the beads still attached
the sun shines through stained glass windows in an old - fashioned kitchen with potted plants
Very beautiful. Have a wonderful day you lovely human. Yes, I'm talking to you. 🥰 Photo: @benmyhre (IG)
the sun shines through stained glass windows in an ornately decorated room with wooden furniture and potted plants
Stainglass and carved wood