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✔ Minecraft: How to make a Secret Passage - Ep.10

Eeeeey, we reached number This hidden entrance can be useful to hide things around your house or make secret rooms! How about we reach 1000 likes?

Lego City Reader                                                       …

Escape from Prison Island (LEGO City: In this new LEGO(R) CITY three crooks have escaped from Prison Island. Can the cops catch them before they get to shore? Find out in this funny, action-packed adventure featuring original illustrations!

LEGO Spaceman is made of LEGO Spacemen

Australian LEGO builder aido k has created an amazing image of the classic Blue Classic Spaceman minifig from tons of smaller classic LEGO spaceman minifig

Minecraft Seed -9057352651117540831 building 3

Another amazing seed. From your spawn location the mineshaft ravine is literally about a 20 second walk!