These Bible Love Notes address false philosophies that have infiltrated the Church. The Trojan Horse looked like a gift to the citizens of Troy, but it…
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a woman with her arms crossed and the words, let's out listening to lies and talking on false guilt
Dear Christians, Don't Fall for "Suicide-Propaganda"
Let's not allow people to make false claims against us because we believe God's Word.
a man with pink hair and glasses is looking at something in his hand while wearing a headset
A Well-Known Pastor Changes His View About Women Pastors
Let's look at the Scriptures Rick Warren uses to justify changing his view about female pastors.
a man with long hair and beard wearing a jean jacket is smiling at the camera
Approaching "Christian Entertainment" With Wisdom and Prayer
It's wonderful to have Christian entertainment, but it's never necessary or appropriate for Christian entertainment to contradict Scripture.
a blue sky with clouds and the words bible love notes
When God Looks At Us He Loves Us Enough to See Our Sins
This devotion addresses a popular misunderstanding that we need to correct. Find out why.
a woman pointing to the right with a thought bubble above her head
Is 2 John 1:10–11 about Houseguests?
This 1-minute devotion explains what 2 John 1:10-11 means when it says not to let certain people stay in your home.
an image with the words, understand which old testament laws apply today bible love notes
Which Old Testament Laws Apply Today?
This short Bible study explains the easiest, surest way to know which Old Testament laws apply to New Covenant Christians.
a man in a suit reading a book with the words when solid bible teachers review the shack
Solid Bible Teachers Review "The Shack"
Leading Bible Teachers review the dangerous theology of The Shack. Powerful Warnings.
a woman holding a bible in her hands with the words, please examine these claims of the jesus calling author
Please Think Through this Author's Claim
Please think through the claims of the author of Jesus Calling before trusting her books for your daily devotions.
the book of mormon is shown in blue
The Mormon "Word of God"
This short devotion explains the origins and errors of The Book of Mormon.
three beakles filled with liquid next to books
Christianity isn't about "Formulas" - God's Purposes Will Prevail
Christianity isn't about formula prayers or name-it-claim-it prayers. This 1-minute devotion explains.
a woman wearing a knitted scarf with the words what jesus said about random death
Random Death
Jesus was asked about random deaths and He gave an interesting answer. This 1-minute devotion explains.
a woman with her hand on her chin and the words prove 23 / 7 does not mean what you think
Proverbs 23:7 Does Not Mean We Become What We Think
Proverbs 23:7 is often misunderstood and misused. This 1-minute devotion explains why.
a woman with her hand on her chin and the words, is repetitive prayer a sin?
Is Repetitive Prayer a Sin?
This short devotion answers this question two ways using two different Scripture passages.
someone is holding an open book with the words beware of teaching based on a single old testament law
It Won't Hold Water
Some people are teaching that Exodus 21:22 proves that God does not consider all human life equal.
a man with glasses and a t - shirt that says, don't say god sees all sins the same
All Sins Are Not the Same
Christians often say that God views all sins the same, but that's only half true. This 1-minute devotion explains.