Candlelights, the old Finnish glass serie The Dew Drop (Kastehelmi) that has been in many Finnish homes for years and lived a quite anonymous life 'til today when has a huge revival. Made by iittala

The "Dew Drop" candle holders cast a gorgeous, distorted light. Light them with Candle Impressions flameless votives so you don't damage the glass.

Iittala Christmas Home. Iittala + Varpunen collaboration. Teema mugs and square & triangle dishes.

Varpunen and Iittala Holiday Collection of Tableware Objects / Remodelista

ittala wine glasses, kartio water glasses and kastehelmi and teema plates and bowls. simply beautiful.

Iittala Essence wine glasses, Kartio water glasses and Kastehelmi and Teema plates and bowls.

#Iittala. Every time I see #Aalto vases used for something else than flowers, I hit my head. Why don't I do the same? Why keep the pretty vases and bowls in the cabinet? Let them out into everyday life and use. One lady filled her tiny #Aalto bowl with paper clips, a smaller version of the white one in the picture. LET*S all take the vases & bowls out and use them 24/7. Picture credits to Lea Bo.

2016 will be a year of celebration for Iittala and the Alvar Aalto Collection 80 years Anniversary. In Alvar Aalto created his classic series of glass vases. The Alvar Aalto Collection has be…


Beautiful Kastehelmi tea lights with the classic Aalto vase, so pretty and atmospheric.

Iittala Nappula candleholders in black, brass and white.

I discovered this Iittala Lighting, Nappula Candleholder Collection - Candles & Home Fragrance - for the home - Macy's on Keep.

Iittala Norway Grey Leimu - Purodeco

Iittala Norway hosted this week a press breakfast to present the 2014 autumn interior collection.