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a drawing of a teapot with flowers in it and the words sunday, march 21st
a drawing with some writing on it and an image of houses in the background that has been drawn
an open book with pictures of boats on it
Burma_travelbook_20 | Anna Rastorgueva | Flickr
a drawing of a city street with people walking on the sidewalk and traffic lights in the background
Urban Sketching
an artist's sketch of a cityscape with watercolors on it
Urban sketching
an open notebook with watercolor drawings of tomatoes
Tomato sketchbook entry
an open notebook with watercolors and markers next to it
Tomatoes sketchbook entry
some flowers are sitting on a table next to a notepad and pen with an ink drawing
Quick lily sketch
a clipboard with some flowers on it next to crayons and pencils
a woman sitting in a red chair with her feet on the floor by an empty wall
"Tired Black Model Sitting In Armchair" by Stocksy Contributor "Tania Cervian"
a drawing of a red chair with a bowl on the table next to it and a vase filled with flowers
Miyuka Schipfer
Miyuka Schipfer
a person is holding an open book with drawings on it in front of a red chair
Leigh Ellexson