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a man in overalls is reading a book and smiling while sitting at a table
A closer look inside the Sketchbook of Dave Buonaguidi AKA Real Hackney Dave
"I sit at my desk and watch people move past my studio window, and then attempt to draw them in the few seconds it took them to walk or cycle past. Each of these drawings take between 5 and 10 seconds, and that means I have to move really fast, often doing the drawing, not looking at the paper." In a recent article, Dave shares with us his ‘Speed Portraits’ sketchbooks and discusses his process in detail. Read the article on our blog - link in bio.
a woman sitting at a table with an open book in front of her on the counter
Inside the Sketchbook of Kayoon Anderson
a person is drawing on a piece of paper with a marker and pen in their hand
#penandink amazing!
some scissors are laying on top of a drawing
7even on Behance
a man sitting at a table with lots of papers and pens in front of him
Inside the Sketchbook of Kevin Scully
Kevin Scully is an artist and teacher whose relationship to sketchbooks and drawing has evolved throughout his life and career as an illustrator. In this article he talks about returning to his sketchbook practice on his own terms and outlines the materials he prefers to use in his studio or when teaching, in the UK and abroad. Read the full article on our blog - link in bio
a woman sitting at a table with books and papers on top of it, looking off to the side
Inside the Sketchbook of Gemma Thompson
"Working in my sketchbooks is such an important aspect of my practice because it allows me to catch a glimpse of how I experience the world." Gemma Thompson is a visual artist and experimental guitarist whose sketchbook practice is informed not only by visual observation, but also by the practice of listening, and responding to sound through mark marking. Read the full article on our blog - link in bio.
the front and back side of an antique monogram plate, with different designs on it
18 Free Vintage Monogram Plates
someone is drawing on paper with a marker
a person is drawing on paper with a pen and inking it onto some type of paper
a drawing of an angel with wings on it's back and writing underneath the wing
Sant Gallus y el oso. Primera versión.