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Ligon Berries or Cowberries is a short evergreen shrub that bear edible sour, slightly sweet, bitter fruits native to boreal forest and Arctic tundra Fruit And Veg, Fruits And Veggies, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Exotic Fruit, Tropical Fruits, Exotic Plants, Fruit Flowers, Fruit Trees

Try Growing Your Own Medicinal Fruit Shrubs With a Common Elderberry

Learn how to grow the common elderberry, otherwise known as black elderberry, with these helpful tips on growing, maintenance, and more.

Sima - Finnish lemon mead - it has a such a negligable amount of alcohol in it, so kids even drink it Kombucha, Alcoholic Drinks, Beverages, Cocktails, Smoothies, Mead Recipe, Finnish Recipes, Homemade Wine, Homemade Alcohol

Sima (Finnish Lemon Mead)

This recipe is less sweet than many you can sweeten right before bottling by making a simple syrup from honey, agave, or sugar (fine sugars...

As a child the whole family picked these berries amongst all those mosquitos. Those were the days! (The August cloudberry harvest in Pello in Lapland) Helsinki, Lapland Finland, Finland Food, Finland Travel, Meanwhile In Finland, Finland Summer, Scandinavian Food, Lappland, Swedish Recipes

The August cloudberry harvest in Pello in Lapland - Travel Pello - Lapland, Finland

Check out this list of 20 TRADITIONAL FOOD OF FINLAND and let me know which one you'd love to try if you visit this beautiful country – or pin this to read later! Finland Food, Finland Travel, Finland Trip, Finnish Cuisine, European Cuisine, Finnish Recipes, Scandinavian Food, International Recipes, Foodie Travel

Top 20 BEST Traditional Finnish Food You Should Try

Finnish food – what is it? Here I wrote down some of the most popular traditional foods of Finland you must not leave without trying!

Finnish Gin Long Drink--canned gin beverages! Bar Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, Booze Traveler, Finnish Cuisine, Finnish Recipes, Grapefruit Soda, Gin Brands, Long Drink, Getting Drunk

Karelian Pies, winter holiday and Finnish cuisine and traditions

First of all I want to apologise for the long silence. I know it's been almost one month since I posted the last recipe. I am not sure ...

Vinbär - can't wait to pick these with my mom at out summer house! Swedish Recipes, Picnic Time, Carnitas, Summer Feeling, Fruit Trees, Beautiful Gardens, Indoor Plants, Finland, Summer Time

Punaherukka, mustaherukka ja viherherukka ovat terveellisiä - Tosiruoka

Punaherukka, mustaherukka ja viherherukka ovat terveellisiä. Niiden paras aika on nyt! Tässä käsitellään herukoiden, eli viinimarjojen terveysvaikutuksia.

MÄMMI - FINNISH EASTER PUDDING - made of rye and malt. Its served with sugar and cream. Meanwhile In Finland, Jesus Is Risen, All Kinds Of Everything, North Europe, Birches, Old Ads, Marimekko, Rye, Seas

MÄMMI - FINNISH EASTER PUDDING - made of rye and malt. Its served with sugar and cream.

Finnish Food: 16 Dishes to Make You Want to Travel to Finland. Discover where to find the best food in Finland and what to eat in Finland. Travel Tips Travel Hacks packing tour Finland Food, Finland Travel, Finland Trip, Finnish Recipes, Scandinavian Food, Dubrovnik, Oslo, Foodie Travel, The Best

Don't Leave Finland Without Eating These 16 Dishes

The food of Finland has a number of different influences from neighboring countries, it's more than reindeer. Here's the ultimate guide on what not to miss.