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Nice to see a music video for kids about accepting our differences & building compassion. Pinned by my student Diana Fitzpatrick: "Don't Laugh at Me" - a beautiful, teachable moment about bullying and accepting the differences of others.

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Santa’s Workshop is a Disney short film directed by Wilfred Jackson, first released on December 1932 in the Silly Symphonies series. The film features Santa Claus and his elves preparing for Christmas.

Penguins In Antarctica

Here's a fun video of penguins (Adelie, Gentoo, and Chinstrap) from my November 2009 trip to Antarctica aboard the National Geographic Explorer.

Nalle Puh - Kadonnut Nasu 10min

Nalle Puhin uudet seikkailut - Kadonnut Nasu The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Where Oh Where Has My Piglet Gone?

Nalle Puh Toivomuskaivo

Nalle Puhin uudet seikkailut - Toivomuskaivo (osa The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - All's Well That Ends Wishing Well (part

Viidakkovekara Juuso - YouTube

Viidakkovekara Juuso - YouTube

The Fox and the Hound - Best of Friends (Finnish)

The Fox and the Hound - Best Of Friends (Finnish)