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a toy made to look like the word peace
Lee Nicholls Scuplture
a colorful toy is sitting on top of a white surface and looks like it's made out of wood
Lee Nicholls Sculpture
a wooden table topped with a metal object
a tin can robot holding a red balloon in front of a white wall with the words typhoo tea on it
an insect made out of wine bottles sitting on top of a wooden table
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there are many different types of teapots hanging on the wall
Sculptures de robots
a silver vase with a face on it and a toothbrush holder in the shape of a bird
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This cute assemblage is a combo, penguin & bird. Made with random found objects, stainless creamer, pool ball,strainer leafs,dish scrubber & other pieces of hardware. I think it is pretty cute! Stands, 9 tall
Metal Art, Waste
a metal teapot with a yellow bird on it's head and chain around its neck
a metal sculpture of a monster with spoons and forks in it's mouth
THE BOSS | by anthonypack
a toy made to look like a machine with eyes and legs, standing in front of a wall
Found object robot sculpture assemblage by Brian Marshall