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multiple images of different shapes and sizes of objects in an art gallery, with the light reflecting on them
curated contemporary art /// javier martin
Javier Martin
the purple light is shining brightly on the wall and boxes are stacked up in rows
Image result for mondrian hotel la vending machine
a display case in the middle of a room with white walls and wood trimmings
Estudio de Interiorismo en Barcelona
TRAIT STORE | concept store | Miriam Barrio interiorismo
a large painting hangs above a counter in a modern office space with wood flooring and artwork on the walls
Stibbe Offices - Amsterdam | Office Snapshots
Stibbe Offices - Amsterdam - Office Snapshots
a marble trash can sitting in front of a wall with white and gold trimmings
Mim Designs Creates Dream Office for Landream — KNSTRCT
Mim Designs creates dream office for Landream inside Melbourne's Australian Institute of Architects