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the grocery cart is full of food and drinks, with an ad for it's purchase
a basket filled with lots of candy sitting on top of a table next to each other
Mail - Lintvedt, Dawn - Outlook
there are many bags of food on the table
10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week | TeacherGoals
st patrick's day fun and festive idea for march with free printables
March Staff Sunshine Idea
a flyer for the fabulous friday's in february, with an image of a cartoon character
Make your Fridays in February…fabulous! #thefirstyear
an advertisement for the international appreciation week in front of a cityscape with purple and white
Around the World!
a menu with different types of food and drinks on it's side, including the names
Make Your Own "Dirty" Sodas {FREE Printable Recipes}
taco bout an awesome team flyer for teachers to use in their class or classroom
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a blackboard with some writing on it that says teachers and staff appreciation week, friday
there are four cards with different sayings on them and one has an image of a sandwich
PTO PTA Lunch Printables
the ingredients for st patrick's day are displayed on a table with a sign
I'm Lucky to Work With You: Spread Staff Sunshine! - Teach Create Motivate
Teachers: Spread Staff Sunshine at your school on St. Patrick's Day! 2 Freebies included!!