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The new red Little My mug by Arabia coming in February Little My Moomin, Moomin Shop, Moomin Mugs, Cute Coffee Mugs, My Coffee, Moomin Valley, Tove Jansson, Scandinavian Style, Tea Set
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Welcome to Moominvalley, home of the Moomin characters and the Moomin shop with the best Moomin products in the world.

The new green Snufkin mug by Arabia coming in February Moomin Shop, Moomin Mugs, Tove Jansson, New Green, Cool Kitchens, Helsinki, Finland, Book Worms, Scandinavian
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Welcome to Moominvalley, home of the Moomin characters and the Moomin shop with the best Moomin products in the world.

Moomin mugs and home decor items - Buy online from Finnish Design Shop. All in-stock items ship within 24 hours. Large selection of authentic Moomin products! Moomin House, Moomin Shop, Moomin Books, Moomin Mugs, Cappuccino Tassen, Tove Jansson, Ceramic Teapots, Porcelain Mugs, Black N White Images

Moomin "True to its origins" Mug - Arabia

Moomin mug 0,3L, True to Its Origins. The new series, ‘True to Its Origins’, is based on Tove Jansson's last Moomin novel, 'Moominvalley in November' as well as 'Moominpappa at Sea'. The sensitive black and white images look timeless beside any of the classic Moomin dishes, because they go with every other colour. The

Moomin winter season mug 2017

Moomin Winter mug 2017 - Spring winter

Moomin winter season mug 2017, Spring winter features Moomintroll, Little My and Snufkin from the book Moominland Midwinter. The design is based on Tove Jansson's original artwork which Tove Slotte has interpreted in this lovely mug. Mug holds 3 dl and is manufactured by Arabia. Only made as a limited set.Muumimuki tal

Muumimuki kesä Hetki rannalla / Moomin summer mug Moment on the Shore Moomin Shop, Moomin Mugs, Moomin Valley, Tove Jansson, Enchanted Doll, Marimekko, Cute Characters, Ceramic Mugs, Character Illustration
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Moomin summer mug 2015: Moment on the Shore! - Moomin

May we introduce to you the Moment on the Shore, the Moomin summer mug 2015! The design is taken from the Moomin falls in love in the comic album #3. Moomintroll and the strongman and acrobat of the circus, Emeraldo, withdraw to the mountains where they establish a camp where women are forbidden to enter. The colouring of …

This product includes pink and blue Håll Sverige Rent Moomin mugs. The pink Håll Sverige Rent Moomin mug, Keep Waters Clean, and the blue mug Our coast, are ex Moomin Shop, Moomin Mugs, Christmas Wishlist 2016, Tove Jansson, Scandinavian Interior Design, Marimekko, Dear Santa, Mugs Set, Halle
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Håll Sverige Rent - Keep Waters Clean Moomin mug by Arabia

The pink Håll Sverige Rent Moomin mug, Keep Waters Clean, is exclusively made for the Keep Sweden Tidy / Håll Sverige Rent campaign. The mug is only sold in Swe

Moomin Mugs from Arabia – A Complete Overview Ninny / Ninni puuteri The motif comes mainly from the story "Tales from Moominvalley". One euro per sold mug goes to the Children welfare organization "Rädda barnen" (Save the Children). Moomin Shop, Moomin Mugs, Invisible Children, Tove Jansson, Local Activities, Barnet, Save The Children, Porcelain Mugs, Nordic Design
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Det osynliga barnet Ninni får äntligen en egen Muminmugg

Ninni får dessutom sällskap av en helt förnyad grön servis med Mumintrollet. Arabia donerar en euro för varje Ninni – och Mumintrollet-mugg som säljs i år till Rädda Barnen r.f. Arabia vill verka för att barns rättigheter förverkligas då FN:s konvention om barnens rättigheter fyller 30 år i år.

Moomin Summer Mug 2016 - Midsummer from Arabia by Tove Jansson, Tove Slotte Moomin Shop, Moomin Mugs, Moomin Valley, Tove Jansson, Different Flowers, Marimekko, Scandinavian Design, Finland, Coffee Cups

Arabia Muumimuki Juhannus, kesäkausimuki 2016

Arabia Moomin Mug, Midsummer (summer season mug 2016)Arabia Mumin mugg, Midsommar (sommarsäsongsmugg 2016)Valmistusvuosi / production year: 2016Suunnittelija / designer:

Moomin mug summer 2017 by Arabia, only made as a limited set. The design features Moomintroll, Moominpappa, Little My, Snorkmaiden and lion and it is taken from Tove Jansson's book Moominsummer Madness.

Muminboden - Butiken för dig som älskar Mumin! - Arabia Muminmugg - Sommarteater - Säsongsmugg Sommaren 2017

Sommarens säsongsmugg från Arabia 2017. Sommarteater Muminmugg.Rymmer 30 cl. Designad av Tove-Slotte Elevant. Gjord av keramik som tål ugn, frys, mikrovågsugn och diskmaskin.Motivets historia:En vacker sommardag skiner en gemytlig sol över Mumindalen, men i luften svävar det aska från den närliggande vulkanen. Natten blir märkligt tyst tills Mumindalen väcks av att marken skakar. Vulkanen har fått ett utbrott och den har orsakat en tsunami som forsar in i dalen och in i Muminhuset. Vattnet…

Arabia’s mug ”Going on vacation” (Lähdetään lomalle) with elegant shape and kind motif from the Moomin world. Charming pottery from Finland.

Going on vacation – Arabia's Moomin mug for summer 2018 leads to an adventure - Moomin

Moomin mug, summer 2018: Going on vacation Arabia’s seasonal Moomin mug for summer 2018, Going on vacation, is the first release of the six-part storytelling ceramics. The original drawings can be found from Tove Jansson’s comic Moomin’s Desert Island (1955). Like usually, seasonal Moomin mug, plate and spoons (Moominmamma and Moominpappa) will only be …

Snowhorse Moomin mug Winter 2016 from Arabia by Tove Jansson, Tove Slotte Moomin Shop, Moomin Mugs, Les Moomins, Moomin Valley, Tove Jansson, Nordic Design, Helsinki, Scandinavian Interior, The Book

Moomin Winter Mug 2016 - Snowhorse

Moomin winter season mug 2016 features Moomintroll, Hemulen, Sorry-oo and the Snowhorse from the book Moominland Midwinter. The design is based on Tove Jansson'

Moomin Winter mug 2018 – Light Snowfall - The Official Moomin Shop

Light snowfall Moomin mug 2018-30 cl

Light Snowfall Moomin mug is the seasonal mug for the autumn and winter 2018 - a limited edition! Join a wintry Moomin Valley, where the first snow falls after the New Year and Moomintroll gazes at its beauty. This lovely winter tale displays images from Tove Jansson's fantastic original stories and reminds us of the mystery of a white winter.

Arabia – Mumin Becher – Crown Snow Load – Winter-Becher 2019 – Moomin Produkte z… – Kindermode sommer Moomin Shop, Moomin Mugs, Design Shop, Les Moomins, Tove Jansson, Crown, Zeppelin, Winter Season, Scandinavian Design

Moomin "Crown Snow-Load" Winter Mug 2019 - Arabia

Moomin winter season mug 2019, Crown Snow-Load, features Moomintroll from the book Moominland Midwinter. The illustration is of Moomintroll who has woken up in the middle of his hibernation. The rest of the family are still sound asleep, but Moomintroll bravely ventures out into the magical, miraculous winter. He marvels at the snow-covered Moominvalley and the fir tree bowed under a heavy layer of rime ice. The design is based on Tove Jansson's original artwork which Tove Slotte has…

Evening swim Moomin mug 2019 from Arabia by Tove Jansson, Tove Slotte

Evening swim Moomin mug 2019-Pink

Moomin – Evening Swim is this seasons summer mug 2019. Evening swim shows the image of the Moomin family alone on a sunny island. They have packed with them all the necessary and unnecessary things they need for a holiday. On the island, they are joined by pirates whose ship has ran aground. It is here that the Moomintroll meets Mymble for the first time as he saves her from the sinking boat. The evening sun colours the horizon pink and encourages the family to go for an evening swim. Using…

Thingumy and Bob and the King's Ruby. It's beautifully illustrated by Arabia artist Tove Slotte and the illustration can be seen in the original book "Finn Family Moomintroll" by Tove Jansson. Moomin Books, Moomin Mugs, Tove Jansson, Moomin Shop, Bob, Hobgoblin, Porcelain Mugs, Mug Cup, Marimekko
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Arabia - Muminmugg - Tofslan och Vifslan röd rubin

Tofslan och Vifslan röd rubin muminmugg, rymmer 30 cl. Utgiven 2018 och är nr 84 av Arabias muminmuggar. Formgivaren Tove Slotte har utgått från original illustrationerna från boken Trollkarlens hatt från 1948 av Tove Jansson.

This mysterious Moomin mug by Arabia from 2018 features the Hobgoblin and his panther. It’s beautifully illustrated by Tove Slotte and the illustration can be seen in the original book ”Finn Family Moomintroll” by Tove Jansson. Moomin Shop, Moomin Mugs, Moomin Cartoon, Troll, Tove Jansson, Hobgoblin, Porcelain Ceramics, Helsinki, Mug Cup
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Arabia Moomin mug, The Hobgoblin, purple

The Hobgoblin mug from Arabia’s beloved Moomin collection features the mysterious magician riding through the night sky on his black panther. Tove Slotte’s illustration is based on Tove Jansson’s story The Magician's Hat from 1948, where the Hobgoblin arrives in the Moominvalley in a search of the greatest ruby in the world.