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a comic book page with a boy sleeping in bed and the caption reads how old do i have to be before i have any idea what is going on?
If my experiences are anything to go on, she has to be one day older than she is right now.
a wall with graffiti written on it near the ocean
a pink book with the words stop letting your potential go to waste because you don't feel ready enough
a pink poster with the words stop shrinking to fit places you've outgrown
the words create the things you wish excited in purple and orange on a purple background
i didn't reserve all of the mean things i said to me on this heart
Self Care Quotes | Motivating Quotes | Self Love
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Sex and the city
#sexandthecity #carrie #samantha
a person holding up a card with the words what's yours will find you
daily reminder
whats yours will find you quote inspo inspirational reminder aesthetic
a birthday cake with the words it's only embarrasing if you're embarrasseded
a blue and brown heart shaped sign that says be more attracted to what's good for you
Saying Goodbye, Life, Reward Yourself
welcome to the museum
a handwritten note with the words you have the potential to make beautiful things
Live As Yourself
Live As Yourself
an image with the words good things are coming in black and white, on a white background