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a couple of nuts sitting on top of a piece of metal in the shape of a motorcycle
three black and gold decorative items on the floor
two candles are sitting on a table next to each other and one candle is in the shape of a triangle
Christmas Table & Mantel Decor | Crate & Barrel
a woman holding a tablet computer in front of a small christmas tree on the street
Metal Christmas Tree, Minimalist Christmas Tree, Christmas Gift, Thanksgiving Gift, New Year Present, Christmas Decoration for Home - Etsy
a metal object with spiral design on it's base and two springs attached to the top
Hostpoint - Zugriff deaktiviert
Vintage 'Design Brut' 1960s Tractor Seat Stool :: Quintessentia
a metal chair sitting on top of a table next to a wrench and other tools
Shop Stool - WeldingWeb™ - Welding forum for pros and enthusiasts
Shop stool made out of a Jeep coil spring and an old tractor seat. The height is adjustable by turning the spring.
there are many ornaments on the table together
Steve Gannon Handmade is under construction
a metal bed frame sitting on top of a rock in the middle of a field
the instructions for how to install an awning
DCT 3D Welding Table|Modular Welding Table for sale-DCT 3D Welding Table
a metal table sitting on top of a floor next to a fire extinguisher
a large red barrel sitting on top of a metal cart
The No-Weld Double-Barrel Smoker (and How to Use It)