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Meet Bart
Ad that tells you a little more detailed info about the product in a simplistic way. Like how they added enough info on there without it being too overpowering.
the front cover of attitude magazine with an image of a man standing on top of a tree
50 incredible editorial designs from around the world
Interesting take for a magazine. The framing gives you a perfect glimpse of the image and the "G" itself leads you to the text. Nice flow.
a collage of photos with different words on them
an advertisement for pink flowers with japanese writing
Shun Ishizuka
a woman wearing a gas mask with the words stay safe
'Stay Safe aesthetic design' Essential T-Shirt by izayaa1
an image of a pink drink with the words milk shake on it and a red striped straw
Poster for some sort of event. Typography fits in well with the theme, bubbly!
an advertisement for yakult is displayed on a wall with a red circle around it
Yakult Poster
Love this one because I love Yakult!! Circle design and placement leads your eye right to the main attraction, the drink, then leads down to the text.
the korean language is used to create this type of typogramic poster for an art
Typography Design
two business cards with the words good thanks on them
33 Slick Business Card Designs for Architects | Naldz Graphics
the poster for noodle's is shown with chopsticks, rice and eggs
Great use of lines and simple shapes.
a woman's face with the words prot c u in blue and yellow
Glory Amadea Graphic Design Portfolio 2016
Glory Amadea Graphic Design Portfolio 2016 by Glory Amadea - issuu