black porcelain necklace by Yasha how simple it is  WOW!

Black Porcelain Nacklace - Tinted Porcelain and Black Neckband with Silver Clasp - Bone Series by yasha butler

@02030308 knows that stacked Siirtolapuutarha Oiva [tableware] makes for beautiful stillages - thank you for sharing this beauty. // #marimekko #marimekkohome #siirtolapuutarha #regram

Siirtolapuutarha Oiva Marimekko see how each design works beautifully together for an eclectic feel

yasha butler ceramics her molds

I am a ceramic artist based in Barcelona and Istanbul. I make handmade contemporary ceramic vessels, simple, modern, organic tableware and delicate porcelain jewelry.

Yasha Butler - Que orgânico

Organic Shaped Porcelain Coaster for Off-Circle Cup by yashabutler


i love : yasha butler ceramics