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a man with long hair holding his hands up in front of his face and the words nooo i forgot my headphones
metal memes | Tumblr
This is me at work some days since they play shitty pop music
a man with long hair holding a guitar in front of him and the caption says take me to church
Thanks Varg, but I think I'll pass.
a man with long hair holding a microphone next to an image of the same person
Lemmy Vs. Justin Bieberv - lolz
a man standing next to a large speaker with his arms crossed and guitar leaning against it
Never too old to rock!
three people dressed as zombies walking down stairs
We want to go in the opposite direction
the process of making an art project with black and white images, including some roots, Claim Your Brand!
Black Metal Logo in 5 Easy Steps - True Metalhead
two people with long hair and beards, one is holding a guitar while the other has
A little message for the Kardashians from Slayer - Funny
Slayer's response to Kendall Jenner wearing their shirt. Said it before, I'll say it again...if you DON'T listen to the band, you DON'T get to wear the shirt! Go back to your hip-hop, sweetie & leave the metal to us ;)
a table and two chairs are on display in a store with the caption saying, am i the only one who saw a black metal meme?
ZOOM iQ5 White MS Stereo Microphone connector for iPhone EMS F/S NEW!
Black metal meme?<< I thought it was a black metal meme, until i read the text... ^^
two men with long hair and demon makeup, one holding a giant wrench
black metal | Tumblr
metal meme | Tumblr
Seems like the right one to me Punk Rock, Laugh
Seems like the right one to me