Tarjotinpöytä iso, musta 600x600, Design Shop tai Stockmann, 205e

The Hay tray tables are made to replace the traditional large coffee table with an interesting combination of smaller side tables. The Hay coffee tables are constructed of powder coated steel and have removable trays.

BESTÅ Tv-/säilytyskokonaisuus   - IKEA

BESTÅ TV storage combination IKEA Behind the panel doors you can keep your belongings hidden and free from dust.

SÖDERHAMN Rahi - Gräsbo valkoinen  - IKEA

SÖDERHAMN Footstool IKEA The various sections of the seating series can be connected together in different combinations or used separately.

Marika Lehti design 1x2-mallisto

Black and grey pillow in wool.

Anno, Sivuverho Amanda 1x140x250 cm, 24,43e

Anno, Sivuverho Amanda 1x140x250 cm, 24,43e

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