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My question is: how can Grievous be a Niman fighter when he's not Force sensitive?

Heres an infographic featuring the seven traditional lightsaber fighting styles in Star Wars.

MAD Black and Cerakote Gold on a Kimber 1911. For more projects visit

my mother fucking gold/black 1911 to accompany the gold/black "lasergun"

Smith & Wesson .357 MAG 8 Shot Revolver.

smithwessoncorp Performance Center 627 V Comp MAG 8 Shot Revolve

S&W 1911 Performance with Two Tone in .45 ACP, 5" barrel - a very nice piece of Art.

Smith & Wesson 1911 Performance Center with VZ grips and Tru Dot…

Weapons from Star Wars (above), and real weapons they are based on (below)

And the hilarious thing is: Luke's lightsaber was part of an old fashioned camera XD