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a woman sitting on top of a bench in front of a cityscape with the words be patient, be responsible
Miss Heidy English | #missheidyenglish | Instagram
the spanish language is written in different languages
English2Me - Aprende Ingles | 🔵 Hoy tendréis algunas frases fáciles pero muy útiles 😊😊. Y también tendremos un video muy especial en donde aprenderemos el Padre Nuestro… | Instagram
a poster with the words in spanish, english and spanish on it's side
an american flag with the words frases en ingles written in spanish and english
two spanish words that say weather in spanish, and it's not easy to read
Spanish Videos for Basic Spanish Words with Meaning in English (Weather) | Spanish Vocabulary
an image of a list of things to do in spanish
a green background with some words in spanish and two thumbs up signs on the left side
Como hacer preguntas En lnglés
the words are written in different languages
a poster with words in spanish and english
Amaru Learning English
a spiral notebook with words written in different languages