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THE DREAM: An open porch, a large gable, simple trim, and windows are all hallmarks of the Farmhouse style - Adorable

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Framed by wisteria, a Grecian- style planter holds a tangle of geraniums and sweet-potato vines on the patio of this Rhode Island home.

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Floating Farmhouse in Eldred, New York: the renovation and extension of a farmhouse, designed by its owner Tom Givone. Love this dramatic glazed elevation and the wide verandah. Photo by Mark Mahaney.

Norwich Passive House by Zero Energy Design with gorgeous interiors!

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Square or slightly rectangular main cabin with side pop out with deck in front of

Modern Cottage Outside Asheville: Views, Comfort + - Houses for Rent in Leicester, North Carolina, United States

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Love the large front porch, rocking chairs and hanging ferns, Classic! Love the large front porch, rocking chairs and hanging ferns, Classic!

'My Neighbour Totoro' fan-art compilation