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a living room with blue walls and white furniture
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a living room filled with furniture next to a kitchen and dining room table covered in yellow pillows
Interior & More on Instagram: “Cosy Living ✨ @cosymix”
a woman sitting on top of a white couch in a living room next to green chairs
Here's the Secret to Timeless Decorating
Surrounded since childhood by classical art and architecture, Nashville decorator Sarah Bartholomew looks to the past for her forward-thinking designs. The results? Timeless. "I'm always looking through decades-old magazines, trying to figure out what stands the test of time — and doesn't make you go 'ugh!' today," she says. Click through for photos of Bartholomew's designs and more of her thoughts on timeless decorating.
a living room filled with lots of furniture and plants on the wall above it's windows
Många har hört av sig om den gröna färgen i reportaget ur förra numret... Här kommer äntligen ncs-koden: S2010-G10Y #inredning #inspiration #skönahem #nr8
the living room is clean and ready for guests to use it as a focal point
Three Simple Wall Of Art Ideas - Thistlewood Farm
What To Put On a Big Blank Wall - Thistlewood Farm
a living room filled with white furniture and lots of windows in it's walls
Sisustuskuvia ja valaisimia
Sunnuntaille kahden huonekalukauppiaan kauniita inspiraatiokuvia, koulusta kodiksi esittely ja mielenkiintoisia valaisimia. Huonekaluk...
a dining room table with blue chairs and a rug
a joyful and modern dining room for summer | Sugar & Cloth
How decorate a joyful and modern dining room for Summer! - sugar and cloth - ashley rose - houston blogger
a bedroom with white walls and wooden flooring has a large bed in the center
Is To Me - Scandinavian Design, Homeware, Toys, Accessories & More
A grey, pink and white bedroom - Is To Me
the dining room table is surrounded by chairs and vases with plants in them on either side
How to incorporate the greenery trend - Making your Home Beautiful
Have you noticed lately that indoor plants have become fashionable again? The trend has been building for a while now and I am so pleased that this is the case as I love to bring the outdoors into an interior scheme and this has to be the easiest, yet most effective way to do so. …
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place
Appreciation Moment: Sarah Richardson
So light and open but notice how the hits of dark wood keep it grounded. Also note the mirror centered under the apex of the ceiling line, NOT on the fire box. Brilliantly solves the problem of that asymmetrical wall and corner fireplace