Crunchyroll - Tráiler, fecha y más datos de la película Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai

This is one of the characters made by Honeyworks. He appeared in a V Flower song titled Inokori Sensei.

Riku main story, It’s a date and POV CGs  #riku morimachi#my last first kiss#mlfk

My Last First Kiss Riku Morimachi Main Story ( my friend told me that this is a yaoi but who cares he is stil sooo hot af!


ADOPTED This is Vincent, he is a vampire and often spends his time in his house playing on his games and such, hes one of the hottest guys in his school but he doesn't care for girls much and if he does then ur the lucky girl

I wonder why they were following me (open rp)

I am hungry Henry Law-Calloway ( In one Night original role play ( not my picture ) )


The headphones, jacket, baggy bro tank, puppets. they look like the kitty knuckles from Okami- san

Hibiki Kuze | Devil Survivor 2

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