No Butterflies in Japan? LOL!

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It's hard to search for Free! pictures on Pinterest too.

Hahaha (at the bottom you can see Hetalia shirts) XD

100 days anime challenge - Day 96: frame of an anime character. Well I don't have a frame of a character in my room, but if I had it would be exactly this one. This post was the firdt thing I thought of when I read todays task xD. But really seeing Haru laugh is the only thing I DIDN’T expect from Free!! It was even more shocking than this one time where he didn’t wear his swimsuit and said he DIDN’T WANT TO SWIM... so horrifying...

Omg thats pro level fangirl obsession

October-red. I've actually died my hair red and black before cx

Anime/otaku questions-what is your birthmonth hair color?

9 Anime For Getting That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling Inside

9 Anime For Getting That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling Inside

9 Anime For Getting That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling Inside >> i know this is true for my little monster and toradora lol

Ueno Naoka, A girl from Ishida and Nishimiya's elementary school and the girl that Ishida was closest to at school. Ishida remembers her bossing him about and also being his main helper in bullying Nishimiya. After having separated from him since middle school graduation, Ueno runs into Ishida years later, herself now working in a meow-meow shop

Ueno Naoka / Koe no Katachi

"Ishida Shouya" "Nishimiya Shouko" de Koe no katachi

"Ishida Shouya" "Nishimiya Shouko" de Koe no katachi (Una voz silenciosa)

What's your anime eye color? I got red!!

What's your anime eye color? I got sky blue and I've always wanted blue eyes!

Koe no katachi

Koe No Katachi ♥ Nishimiya-chan

I got sebastian!!!! i would also like Levi in there please! :3 - Sety

with levi :D nice ^^ ~ Anime birthday test attack on titan naruto black butler tokyo ghoul and


I like his short hair tbh but he always a qt. someone draw him w long hair in a bun pls

attack on titan - Google Search

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Hell yes! Jaeger is a Taurus. The only time I care about horoscopes.>>>>YEA Levi is Virgo!


Despite being overshadowed by Kimi no Na Wa, you will be able to get your hands on the Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) anime film on May

Yaoi ? ça pose un problème vu que je suis une fille XDD

Puha Lolicon and I absolutely hate lolicon and lolishota. It is usually beyond me that loli complex// YURI, BUT I AM A MAN

I get to be a rich bastard.

Your birth month is your role in the animè world!<<< aww YISSS im a prince <<< Kuudere


iM cOoL also Haru and Sebastian should switch . (Not saying that Haru ain't sexy xD)