Zodiac signs by assh*le %

Zodiac signs by assh*le %<<<I'm a Gemini, and is more than a surprise!<—— damn why do people always claim that I’m an asshole. I’m not thaaaaat bad. ah the life of a Capricorn

Why is the percentage too small at Sag?<<I'm a Sagittarius and that's like 100% accurate for people who aren't my friends

It's not true for me as a libra I really do care a gazillion percent but I know some libras who really don't care as much (not you tana😜)

attack on titan - Google Search

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Hell yes! Jaeger is a Taurus. The only time I care about horoscopes.>>>>YEA Levi is Virgo!