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Heart Health Month Full-Body Workout

February is deemed American Heart Month to bring awareness to heart health. One way to take care of our hearts is to exercise - to move our bodies each day. Exercise doesn't have to be in the form .

Candy on the Run: Juoksijalle sopiva kotitreeni & alkuviikon liikunn...

Candy on the Run: Juoksijalle sopiva kotitreeni & alkuviikon liikunn.

Chocolate Avocado Smoothie - a healthy way to get your chocolate fix!

Chocolate Avocado Smoothie Ingredients: 1 ripe medium avocado 1 heaping tbsp cocoa cups milk tsp vanilla 1 tbsp honey (optional) 1 cup frozen strawberries - Place in blender and blend until smooth. Makes 2 smoothies.

Fitness IS My Hobby

Pursue your passions.

This is for you, runners!

I had a dr's appt today with a runner. She told me to stop paying attention to the scale and pay attention to how I feel; keep running and my body will change in time. She said I had a nice, slow heartbeat like a runner. BEST EFFING FEELING IN THE WORLD.


nothing looks as good as healthy feels. a much much better version of the "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" saying