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Magical<---- this whole scene was an unspoken date that turned emotional

We chose a fandom like you would choose a faction. Some people may be dauntless amity eritude abnegation or the other one (I can't remember) but no we chose THE SUPERNATURAL FANDOM our training is hunting things and doing marathons. Show marathons.

Everybody ships Destiel. Even people who don't know what Destiel is ship Destiel.

Everybody ships Destiel. Even people who don't know what Destiel is ship Destiel. Destiel is the cosmos truth. God probably ships Destiel, that's why so many Destiel things happen. Too much Destiel?


I want this so i don't have to just talk to myself after the newest episode of my favorite shows have aired So I can talk to someone about it!<< some one should make a fandom bar and then we can have this!

BBC take note. haha! Also, if you haven't seen A Very Potter Musical, you should add it to your "to see" list.

And if you think that killing people might make them like you but it doesn't. It just makes people dead. It's weird how this is actually really good advice BBC-take notes

I.....don't know.

there is nothing wrong with this fandom. we just strive for world domination by taking over every post and turning it in to the supernatural fandom.

SuperWhoLock! what episode is that?????? Or is this from Season 3? If it is, then bring it on!

"Dean:The fuck you've been? Cas:Sorry,Sherlock jumped off a building."<< I'm not familiar with Dr. Who or Supernatural, but this is REALLY hilarious.

Just another day in the Sherlock fandom

I feel her pain. I kinda feel bad for the mom though. Having to look for the nonexistent pieces that would mend our sad and broken fandom. Wow, that got deep quickly.<<< calm down seriously I don't want to start crying