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Music to work, study and live by. #inspiration #motivation
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Dyslexia: Fact or Fiction? Megan struggles to read. She is eight years old and everyone in her class seems to read better than her. Megan tries really hard but it never gets easier. She feels silly. Mom thinks Megan has dyslexia.

7 Hours of #motivation, just enough for the overnight cram #IndieLove

Funny pictures about Quit slacking. Oh, and cool pics about Quit slacking. Also, Quit slacking.

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is Radio, rediscovered - the get shit done playlist. () by jennica.reader in Guelph

Let your mind go blank-And then cram it full of information #StudyMusic

i know what you’re thinking. i can’t read your mind. and i still think you’re beautiful and awesome. i hope you can get to sleep tonight. i love you unconditionally. as in there’s nothing you can do that will push me away from you.

No words please! Instrumental #StudyMusic

asheathes: GET YOUR STUDY ON (PART II). Exams are here, once again. Just trying to make the studying, cramming, and essay writing a little .

Three hours of hip hop vibes and chill electronic! Hit the books!

Sundowner at the pool, re-defined! Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit Hotel & Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Behind the lens: WanderingtheWorld

On That Study Grind// Chill rap for the brain and the soul.

On That Study Grind// Chill rap for the brain and the soul.

Cram Session! Chill Indie Rock

Classical School Reading List: Grades (I love book lists. Here there are some we've read and lots to get from the library. I'd love to make time for myself to read all the books in the grade list! Wow, do kids in public school have to read these books?

Procrastination and studying are the same thing … right? Springtime Procrastistudy

Nuttall's cottontail rabbit (Sylvilagus nuttalli) close-up by Daniel J Cox on Getty Images


music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows rom heaven to the soul.