#Grenada - Spice island of the Caribbean. The scent of spice floats in the air. St George's is a beautiful capital - definitely worth putting on your bucket list.
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a tropical island with palm trees and blue water in the background is seen from above
25 Best Beaches in the Caribbean
Grenada is home to dozens of stunning beaches and the serene Grand Anse is one of the best. Known for its serene and calm conditions, Grand Anse is two miles of white sand, on the western side of the island, sheltered from high waves, strong currents and winds. The beach is one of the most famous Grenadian landmarks and is overlooked by some of the island’s best hotels and grand houses.
a woman standing in front of a large tree
Biggest Tree in Grenada, W.I.
stairs lead down to the beach and ocean from an overlook point in this tropical resort
Agent Center - Viator Agent Resource Center
Stairs to Grand Anse Beach in Grenada. Grenada is also known as the "Island of Spice" because of the production of nutmeg and mace crops of which it is one of the world's largest exporters.
a red and green boat sitting on top of a beach
Hog Island Beach off the coast of Grenada
a blue house with red roof and white door
the beach is lined with palm trees and blue water
an aerial view of several small islands in the middle of blue water and green land
Beautiful Levera Beach, Grenada where the leatherback turtles visit to lay their eggs.
an aerial view of a beach with houses on the shore and mountains in the background
Magazine Beach, Point Salines, Grenada
many people are swimming in the water near a waterfall
St. George's University, A Fully Accredited Caribbean Medical School
Annandale Falls, Grenada, as viewed from the park entrance during a St. George's University Orientation Week excursion. | Credit: Joshua Yetman
there are two pictures one is underwater and the other shows an ocean scene with palm trees
Dive Operators - Champagne Reef Dive And Snorkel
Champagne Beach & Reef - Roseau, Dominica
a man swimming in the water next to a waterfall
Behind the scenes
Wild Swimming and Waterfalls in Grenada
boats are docked in the water next to a city on a hill side with houses
10 Facts About The Caribbean Region You May Not Know | Caribbean & Co.
Grenada: View of Carenage, a scenic inlet.
a lake surrounded by lush green trees and mountains
Grenada Spot
Grand Etang Lake, Grenada
there are two pictures with boats in the water and one has a small boat on it
Spice It Up In Grenada
Spice It Up In Grenada - What sets Grenada apart from its island neighbors is the fragrant smell of spice permeating through the tradewind breezes. A tribute to islands most popular spice is even celebrated below the Caribbean Sea.
there are two pictures with boats in the water and one has a small boat on it
Spice It Up In Grenada
#Grenada has one of the prettiest harbors in the #Caribbean