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Liu Xiang's withdraw, the Party Congress and popular online expressions. Chinese netizens had been active on weibo and 2012 is not the exception. Sina Weibo, Gangnam Style, Most Popular, Infographics, Public, Social Media, China, Top, Infographic

Top 15 Most Popular Topics on Weibo 2012

Liu Xiang's withdraw in 2012 Olympics, the 18th Party Congress and some extremely popular online expressions. Chinese netizens had been more active on weibo platforms in 2012. Take a look of top 15 most popular topics on Sina Weibo in 2012 and you will know better of your potential consumers.

Forbes shared their idea of which are the top 25 cities in China in terms of commerce, innovation, operation cost and developed tourism. Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Cities, Tourism, China, Top, Diet, Turismo

Top Cities on Mainland China by Forbes

Forbes shared their idea of which are the top 25 cities in China in terms of commerce, innovation, operation cost and developed tourism. Shanghai appeared for 4 times in the top 3 as the best commercial city, the best innovative city, city with highest operation cost and city with most developed tourism. First tier cities, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, ranked high in the top 25 best commercial cities and top 50 best innovative cities. Sadly, doing business in such big cities…

New infographic of China’s internet landscape Social Media Channels, Social Networks, Community Manager, Insight, How To Become, Internet, China, Marketing, Website

China Social Media Marketing - Marketing China

China Social Media Marketing Social media has fundamentally changed the way of Chinese people’s life as well as the mode of marketing. Four years ago when Weibo (Chinese twitter) launched, there’s a saying goes “Consult Baidu on domestic affairs; consult Google on foreign affairs”. Everything changed after the booming of Social Media in China. People...

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Kissing marketing in China China, Marketing, Celebrities, Sports, Kissing, Nice, Hs Sports, Celebs, Sport

Marketing to China - Marketing China

New Massive Marketing Weapon: kissing contest , , As a typical western holiday, Valentine’s Day is also widely celebrated in China. However, it is more and more celebrated by companies now. On this day, kissing contests can be seen in most provinces in China. In Anhui, the kissing contest was organized by a property developer attracts 50 […]

Direct Marketing and installing mini-outlets. Direct Marketing, Outlets, Chinese, Advice, American, Mini, People, Things To Sell, Tips

Export to China - Marketing China

Export to China . “How to export to China? “More and more people have now this problem, how to sell products or services to Chinese. There was a time for sourcing in China, but now it seems that the trend is changing, european and american companies are realizing that “China is not only the world’s...

The key factors of success for a foreign company in China - Marketing China Factors, Place Card Holders, Success, China, Key, Marketing, Blog, Unique Key, Blogging

The key factors of success for a foreign company in China - Marketing China

The success of China that we hear in the media is often true for many companies. One of the success stories is Volkswagen who dominates the automotive industry selling one out of four cars in China. But success doesn’t come easy for the majority of foreign companies setting up shop in China and hoping to cash...

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Top 10 rules for doing business in China - Marketing China

China, the business hub of the world is a dream for many entrepreneurs. With a 10% growth every year, one billion potential Chinese consumers; of those billion consumers 800 million are cell phone users, 540 million are Internet users and millions of millionaires. China is like a big pot of gold that is just waiting...