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Chinese brands fail to shine at London Games Business News, Stock Market, Personal Finance, Fails, Digital Marketing, Investing, Chinese, Social Media, Technology

Chinese brands fail to shine at London Games

Use China Daily website to find breaking business news headlines and articles on the economy, statistics, stock market, investing, personal finance, earnings and more. BizChina has sub-channels like economy, companies, money, energy, cars and technology.

Face Consumption Market in China - Marketing China Ways To Save, Chinese, Marketing, Face, Stuff To Buy, The Face, Faces, Facial, Chinese Language

Face Consumption Market in China - Marketing China

The Situation of Face-Consumption Market in China? . In China, many people are willing to spend one-month salary to buy something, not for practical value, not for taste, not for quality but only for one thing: face. Face consumption It has been discovered that some Chinese people have found a new creative way to save […]

7 Characters of Face Consumption marketing in China Chinese, Characters, Marketing, Couple Photos, Face, People, Couple Shots, Figurines, Couple Photography

7 Characters of Face Consumption in China - Marketing China

Seven character you should know about Chinese “face consumption” . These purchases, which are not for practical needs, but merely to show off and gratify the owners’vanity, are called “face consumptions”, China Daily explains. According to the data from WLA (World Luxury Association), the average expense of Chinese people on luxuries in Europe has reached […]

Sporting Goods Market in China - Marketing China Physical Fitness, Chinese, Marketing, Sports, Hs Sports, Sport, Chinese Language

Sporting Goods Market in China - Marketing China

Sports goods have now become the sixth expense for a Chinese family. A report from the General Administration of Sport of China shows that though most Chinese want to do sports regularly, only one-third Chinese often take physical exercise. It is probably caused by the time and site. Now the government has already worked on...

The luxury market. There are Chinese millionaires and 60 them are billionaires. Luxury Marketing, Luxury Branding, Take That, Chinese, Chinese Language

China Luxury Market Guide - Marketing China

Today, luxury would be nothing without the tremendous sales generated by Asia, and especially China. According to Bain & Company, the Chinese should account for 50% of the worldwide luxury purchase in 2025. In our fast-moving and the hyper-digitalized world, 2025 is tomorrow. China is evolving fast; more and more people improved their living conditions....

China Wedding Candy Market- A market Candy Maker Cannot Neglect - Marketing China Wedding Candy, Chinese, Marketing, Christmas Ornaments, Holiday Decor, Christmas Jewelry, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Decor, Chinese Language

China Wedding Candy Market- A market Candy Maker Cannot Neglect - Marketing China

As one of the most important ceremonies for Chinese, wedding has also created a big market for wine, tourism and so on. Here, I would like to talk about the market for candy makers. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, there are over 13.02 million couples married in 2011. If each couple spends only...