WHY DO CATS MEOW? Top Reasons Your Cats Meow!


Hope you feel better soon!

Tell me again about the day you brought me home and I was all cold and hungry and you became my forever human. It's my favorite bedtime story. Our forever love with our pets.

Cats traumatized by baths� It's not the bath; it's the lack of control!

Cats traumatized by baths…

Funny pictures about Cats traumatized by baths. Oh, and cool pics about Cats traumatized by baths. Also, Cats traumatized by baths.


every girl needs a little black cat =^.^= I miss my first cat who was all black with green eyes<<<lucky! I want a black cat sooo bad and it's true every girl needs a little black cat


the only thing cuter than an impossibly fluffy sleeping kitten is another fluffy kitten using the first one as a pillow.

Aawwww Sleeping Kitten ❤️ J

the-deviations: “ayellowbirds: “peppylilspitfuck: “Here we see a baby wigglefloof cleaning its tiny squishbeans.