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a knife and some other items on top of a piece of cloth in the snow
bushcrafthandmade01 - Etsy
a person is holding a pencil in their left hand while they are working on some metal pieces
Testing Lead hardness my two methods
a black knife with gold dots on it's blade sitting on a white surface
Designing a Slipjoint Folder: Alistair Phillips - Knifemaker
So that's how it's done...
a person holding a pair of scissors over a piece of paper with the words hollow grind how to no jig on it
How to Hollow grind without a jig.
a man working on a machine in a factory
Get your parts to run true in a non adjustable chuck. YOU MUST WATCH THIS!
very nice 👍💥💥
two large metal heart shaped brackets with screws on each side and four bolts in the middle
Desyeryamimi Camping Tripod,Campfire Tripod,Dutch Oven Tripod,Dutch Oven Table For Cooking-Steel Horseshoes,with Adjustable Height Legs- Ideal for Campfire Cooking and Cast Iron Dutch Oven(10"X 10")
PRICES MAY VARY. 【Strong and Durable】Made of durable steel and cast iron for long-lasting use, this campfire tripod is perfect for cooking over an open fire while camping or outdoor activities. 【Height Adjustable】Designed with adjustable legs(3.5"and 5.5") and a sturdy base, this cooking tripod for campfire ensures stability and can hold heavy cast iron Dutch oven securely. 【Ideal for Camping and Cooking】Experience the convenience of cooking with a dutch oven tripod, allowing you to elevate your
a metal pole with two screws attached to it
Cool DIY knife sharpener!
a sign that says, forging is the new woodwork with an image of a fire
Make a plane blade from SCRATCH (backyard heat-treating)
there is a hand that is working on a gear train with screws in it
Backlash compensated Nut Design ,#nut,#screw,#ball_screw,#blacklash,#bolt,#screw fix,#compensated
a person holding a knife in their hand with the words making a knife from a circular saw blade
Making a Knife From a Circular Saw Blade
an old man is looking at the camera with a rotary drill in front of him
Lathe Tool Post Grinders
Great cheap Toolpost Grinder
a metal object with the words why didn't i think of this?
An old machinist's tool that woodworkers are snatching up!
a close up of a machine with a gauge on it's side and other tools in the background
Tour of the Dial Indicator
"Nothing Too Strong Ever Broke": Tour of the Dial Indicator