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an x - ray image of three puppies in their mother's pouch
I believe in changes
quintuplets ultra sound....Could you even IMAGINE!! Kicks and punches GALORE!
six newborn babies wrapped in blankets and hats
Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital Welcomes Quintuplets
Real-Mayorga Quintuplets
a woman holding five babies in her arms
The Sun
Bimbo Ayelabola of Nigeria and her quintuplets, born April 2011.
a group of children sitting next to each other in front of a gray wall and floor
Gaither Quintuplets
four children are sitting on a slide at the park and one child is wearing a tie
Quintuplets containing two sets of identical twins
a calendar with an image of a family in the crib
Fischer quintuplets with their family. America's first set of quints was born September 14, 1963 in Aberdeen, South Dakota.
the pregnant woman is sitting on her stomach
Alexandra Kinova gave birth to (naturally conceived) quintuplets in June - here's her scan photo and her babies! http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/birth/birth-stories/czech-mum-to-give-birth-to-countrys-first-quins-20130531-2ngvl.html #multiples #five #5 #pregnancy
five baby dolls laying in a crib with pink and blue blankets on top of them
Kienast Quintuplets were born Feb 24, 1970. They were the 2nd set of surviving quints in the U.S.
three women smile as they hold their babies
Local couple welcomes quintuplets
Local couple welcomes quintuplets
five children standing in front of a black and white backdrop with red stars on it
a man and woman sitting on the floor with their babies
pregnant with quintuplets discovery health jenny