pattern staircase by marimmeko.

Le scale decorate come elemento di design - Ideare casa - decorated stairs

If I were going to throw away money on rain boots, I'd get these stylish Marimekkos, but rain boots are just one of those things that I don't care enough about. So those no name Mark's Work Warehouse I wear maybe three times a year are good enough for me.

They would be soooo awesome here in Washington state! With that Marimekko umbrella!

Jane Foster's kitchen - I like her yellow lamp!

My wonderful vintage Marimekko formica kitchen table - one of my favourite pieces of furniture.

marimekko 3D flowers

Marimekko, this looks amazing.

love these colors

Beautiful suspended bed frame with funky patterns and colours. It gives such a cozy touch to add a canopy.

Pink Marimekko makes everything ok. ducduc cabana bed

ducduc cabana bed with optional canopy

So cute! "Australia based clothier, Mackenzie Mode, transforms Marimekko print fabric into beautiful cocktail dresses..."

alice in wonderland dress

Ihvi by Marimekko Love this!

Ihvi-mekko by Marimekko. Might be my graduation dress.

Love this Marrimekko fabric coffee table....good baby-friendly padding!

Love this Marrimekko fabric coffee table.