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three desserts with chocolate frosting and nuts on the top are sitting on plates
Elevate Your Dessert Experience with Espresso Chocolate Mousse and Caramel Delight |
two glasses filled with chocolate dessert on top of a wooden table next to green napkins
Coffee-infused Chocolate Mousse with Creamy Caramel and Fresh Mint: A Decadent Twist on a Classic Dessert |
three desserts with fruit and flowers in them
Tropical Symphony: A Fusion of Coconut, Passionfruit, and Lemongrass
In another variation, a dessert masterpiece is crafted with a fusion of unexpected yet delightful ingredients A creamy coconut panna cotta is layered with tangy passionfruit curd, creating a tropical symphony of flavors
two desserts with raspberries and whipped cream on top are sitting on plates
Glamorous Gold-Infused Raspberry Cheesecake Martini: The Epitome of Decadence
An innovative dessert combination features a velvety vanilla cheesecake nestled on a buttery graham cracker crust Delicate swirls of tangy raspberry coulis complement the creamy richness of the cheesecake, while a sprinkling of crunchy almond brittle adds a delightful nutty crunch
some food is laying out on a table
blackened fish burger + sriracha mayo - Oh Sweet Basil
a plate with salmon, rice and oranges on it that says 30 minutes healthy honey - harssa salmon with dill rice
Honey-Harissa Baked Salmon with Dill Rice
Honey-Harissa Baked Salmon with Dill Rice - Dishing Out Health
morning tonic in a glass Nutrition, Fitness, Smoothies, Natural Remedies, Glow, Morning Tonic, Health Tonic, Tonic Drink, Turmeric Drink
Golden Glow Morning Tonic
a pan filled with meat and vegetables covered in tomato sauce next to some pita bread
Fish Puttanesca | The Modern Proper
Puttanesca sauce—not just for pasta anymore! This briny, savory, easy white fish puttanesca recipe is so gorgeous and delicious, you’d never guess that it only takes about 30 minutes to make.
Brazillian Fish Stew
A simple Brazilian Fish Stew called Moqueca made with your choice of fish and simmered in coconut milk with onion, tomatoes, chilies and lime. Easy, fast and full of flavor! Serve this with rice!
an avocado and quinoa salad on a white plate with blue cloth
Quinoa Salad With Chicken, Almonds and Avocado Recipe
two bowls filled with chicken, beets and salad
Fried Halloumi Quinoa Veggie Bowls
a person is holding a jar filled with chia seeds and berries, while the words anatomia pink are above it
Chia, Acai and Strawberry Layered Breakfast Jar
Acai, chia and strawberries superfood breakfast layered jars |
a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and slaw
Must-Have BBQ Pulled Pork (+ Slow Cooker & Instant Pot Directions)
4h 30m
a bowl filled with vegetables and meat next to some sauces on the side,
This halloumi buddha bowl will become a regular on your lunch rota |