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Cassandra Kajander

Cassandra Kajander
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One day he'll be the death of me

Xiumin EXO When I saw this I just melted and screamed and then said "WOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHH" so loudly <<< So you're like me, eh? We can be friends and fangirl together

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Bangtan's economist, banker & financial advisor.

Unlike other members he had to do this all the time, each day deciding between studio and actual food, that's why he knows where the line is He knows what the priorities are and still manages to leave some money on the side for souvenirs

Has anyone noticed them pretty much always standing together or is it just meeh

Awww I noticed that too. When he makes mistakes (not literally about dancing. Sometimes when he's about to say something he shouldn't) he'd immediately look to Onew as if hoping to see that it was okay. (I want my SHINee back ) 😣