Bucket List

Watch the ball drop in Times Square with a guy. Been dying to do this since the movie "New Year's Eve"!❤ I've been to New York but I think it would be really fun to see the ball drop.

Obviously if I get to go to NYC for my birthmas I'll have to stay for New Year's Eve in Times Square. Thee place to have a perfect NYE kiss

Times Square New Year’s Eve: Survival Guide

Would love to spend a New Year at Times Square. What way to celebrate the New Year! ____ New Year's Eve in Times Square: Tips

Exactly how I feel

Love the ocean♥♥♥ ocean quotes to live by beach turtle I am happiness when I am in the sea!

Times Square, New York City

Top Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

My bucket list:go to Times Square in New York City and watch the ball drop on New Years EVE. And at the same time, kiss someone at midnight!