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Lancelot du Lac, MS M.805 fol. 50r - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
a paper with an ornate design on it and some tape taped around the edges to create a border
Aiden's scroll outline-
Aiden's scroll outline- | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an illuminated manuscript with flowers and birds
Hours of Bonaparte Ghislieri', formerly known as 'The Albani Hours' f.75r
an illustration of a man with a crown on his head holding a large piece of paper
Convenevole da Prato (“Address in verse to Robert of Anjou, King of Naples, from the town of Prato in Tuscany”). Tuscany, c.1335-1340.
a drawing of a man cooking food in a kitchen with two women standing next to him
Chicken Dumplings with Sauteed Onons and Leek in Wine Sauce
Medieval Cooks - Chicken Dumplings with Sauteed Onons and Leek in Wine Sauce
an old fashioned drawing with vines and flowers
le coloriste enlumineur
an old book with the title le miroir d'amengart written in french
23-12-11 Codex Manesse, fol. 69r, Wernher von Teufen
an illustration of a woman on a ladder reaching up to another woman's head
22v: Count Kraft von Toggenburg (probably Kraft III of Toggenburg, d. 1339). Climb the stairs and take this Wreath Hair, my Love!
an old book with some paintings on it
Bořivoj I, Duke of Bohemia (c.852-c.889) Reigned 22 years. Premyslid dynasty
an illuminated manuscript shows three men in medieval clothing and one is wearing a crown, while the third man holds his hand up
an illuminated page from a medieval manuscript with writing in black and red ink on white paper
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Image: Albrecht Dürer - Dürer, Prayer Book, Emperor Maximilian