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Exquisite, flowers, vases, birds and cypresses are woven in silk enhancing the beauty of this #vintage magic #carpet. Woven in the Qum style, with meticulous borders, this soft pile carpet reflects nuances of smudged blue, mocha, burnt sienna and terracotta whilst the centre panel is a deep midnight blue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Code C010 | Rs 100000 Dimensions: 52*72 Call +91 9600136668 | Address & Directions:

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SHEFFIELD CHAIRSIDE TABLE - CBF011 An octagonal side #table with interesting panels, this is a #vintagefurniture with two shelves with identical space. Another highlight is the carved panels. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Code CBF011 | Rs 45,000 Dimensions: W-25.5* H-22 Call +91 9600136668 | Address & Directions:

WINDERMERE TIERED ACCENT TABLE - CBF010 This #vintage table with Queen Anne legs is a beautiful construction with a similar contoured #shelf at the lower edge. Perfect for foyers and large rooms. You can also get #creative and make it a cute dining table for 2-3 persons. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Code CBF010 | Rs 50000 Dimensions: W-34.5 * H-30 * L-34.5 Call +91 9600136668 | Address & Directions:

GLENWOOD CHEST OF DRAWERS - CBF008 This compact vintage chest of 20 #drawers in solid #wood makes a perfect #organizer for any corner of home or work space. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Code CBF008 | Rs 75000 Dimensions: W-30 * H-42 * L-15 Call +91 9600136668 | Address & Directions:

STRATHMORE TALL DISPLAY CABINET - CBF007 This #woodencupboard comes with a wide base, spacious shelves, short legs & an elegant crown. The sheer glass frontage makes it perfect for storing books, bric a brac, dainty china or anything else you would like to. It will complement your existing #décor & can be placed anywhere in the home. ~~~~~~~~~~ Code CBF007 | Rs 80000 Dimensions: W-48 * H-81 * L-18.5 Call +91 9600136668 | Address & Directions…

BEVERLY TIERED END TABLE - CBF006 In this vintage #roundtable with #QueenAnne legs, don't miss the #carved circumference of the table and a similar contoured shelf below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Code CBF006 | Rs 24000 Dimensions: H-29 * Dia-24 Call +91 9600136668 | Address & Directions:

STEWART TAPERED GLASS CABINET - CBF005 This five-sided glass #cabinet is unusual, tapered and rare. It comes with a tiered #wooden base and a wide crown. Four #shelves ensure ample storage and the #glasspanes give it an airy, transparent look. This could be the perfect home for cherished heirlooms. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Code CBF005 | Rs 60000 Dimensions: W-34 * H-68 * L-19 Call +91 9600136668 | Address & Directions: